We look to improve the capacity and opportunities for girls and young people, who belong to the most economically vulnerable and socially excluded group in society, to make choices and to bring about the eradication of poverty through education and, in particular, through professional training as an instrument for social and personal development, effective and lasting social insertion and integration into a fair and progressive society.
In order to achieve this we believe the priority is: Education for girls.
Girls must receive an education because that is their human right and there will less chance of their being oppressed.
Once educated they will have smaller families, and their children will be healthier and also educated.
To educate girls is to change the lives of future generations. If you educate a man you educate a person but when you educate a girl you educate a family.
An education achieves decency and makes women conscious of their rights.

If the economic status of women is raised they will improve their social situation, both at home and in their villages, and they will have a louder voice.

If women gain greater consciousness and influence, they will make a stronger claim for their rights; better access to credit and higher incomes and greater assistance from the police and the courts when they are attacked.

If women`s economic power increases it will be easier for them to overcome the “boys first” tradition and do away with the bad practise of the dowry.

If the preference for male children declines, it will be easier for families to educate their daughters and the age of marriage will rise.

If girls attend schools beyond the 4th grade, family sizes will be reduced by 20%, 10% of child deaths will be avoided and salaries will increase by 20%.

If women receive better nutrition, they will be healthier and more productive and will give birth to healthier babies.

Only by taking steps to combat discrimination against women will it be possible to envisage the real independence of India, a country where everyone has the chance to lead a healthy, productive life.

Ghandi believed in the equality of the sexes and defended equal rights for men and women. He believed that both were complementary and neither could live without the other however, men have come to dominate women throughout centuries, whilst women have developed an inferiority complex and men have felt themselves to be the lords and owners of women instead of seeing them as companions and friends. In a house where the word “ahimsa”, and not violence, is the key word, women will be the leaders.

Ghandi said “the woman is the incarnation of ahimsa” and for him that term signified “infinite love” and “infinite patience”.
When women advance the world advances. India, your salvation will be achieved by your women